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Dental implants present a fresh, new, more convenient, high tech, and long-lasting treatment option to replace missing teeth, as compared to the earlier conventional options of teeth replacement such as dentures and bridges. Although teeth care and maintenance is a smart investment, there is a section of society that still feels that dental implants are not an affordable treatment option.

It’s true that the initial costs of placing an implant might be high, but slowly you will see the long-term savings on those expenses. Dental implants are free of all hidden costs of maintenance and replacement as compared to dentures and bridges. Let us take a deeper look at the factors that determine the high cost of dental implants and if they are worth it.

Factors that determine the cost of dental implants :

Prior investigations to determine your eligibility:

Prior examinations are a must before you get a go ahead from your dentist that are a good candidate for dental implants. For a thorough examination and to avoid misplacement of implants, 3-dimensional dental scans called CBCT scans are an absolute prerequisite. Advanced CBCT scans are a bit more expensive than two-dimensional dental x-rays, however their indispensable role in treatment planning makes it worth the cost. Additionally, your dentist might also ask you to run some tests to check for blood sugar levels for precautionary reasons. 

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Time and skills of the Implant Specialist 

Not all dentists are qualified to place dental implants. Dental surgeons need to undergo several training sessions and achieve certifications to be qualified to place implants. As you already know, placing an implant is a delicate and complex procedure, hence the cost of the dental implant surgery includes the skill, expertise and qualifications of the implant specialist and their team working on your case. 

Cost of materials 

The dental implants are made of materials such as titanium and zirconia, both are known to  integrate well with the jaw bone. The materials themselves are expensive and to ensure a successful dental implant procedure no concessions can be made when it comes to quality. 

Pricing may also vary depending on the implant system used and the need for bone graft material, incase of insufficient bone height and density. It is highly recommended to trust your implant dentist’s suggestions on which materials and system to go for.  

Apart from the dental implant, you also need to bear the costs of the dental crown, which will be placed above the implant post and acts and looks like your natural teeth. Metal, metal-ceramic and all-ceramic are some of the options available and prices vary based on what you choose. Laboratory and material charges apply.

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Additional treatments: 

Additional dental procedures such as extractions, gum cleaning and scaling might be suggested by your dentist depending on the condition of the implant site and overall oral health. It is likely that these treatments will be conducted by their specific specialists, hence those costs must be factored in as well. 

Multiple implants 

There’s a misconception that replacing all of your teeth with dental implants would be very expensive. However, with techniques like all-on-4 or all-on 6 dental implants, it’s not necessary to replace each tooth with a separate dental implant. As few as four implants can anchor an entire upper or lower arch. This makes a full-mouth dental implant tooth replacement far more affordable than many patients assume.

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Financing options for dental implants 

Since dental implants procedure is considered to be a cosmetic rather than a medical procedure, many health insurance companies do not cover dental implant procedure charges. One might argue that oral health is as if not more important than general health, but the availability of cheaper tooth replacement options works against dental implants. Luckily, many dental clinics offer easy monthly installments plans and part payment options to help cope with the initial high costs. 

What’s the verdict?

It’s time we changed our thinking and asked an honest question to ourselves bearing all the above factors: are dental implants really that expensive? Ultimately, when you factor in the peace of mind and improved quality of life that you get after dental implants, the cost of treatment is an excellent value for money. Dental implant procedure costs vary from dentist to dentist. It is prudent to contact your trusted dentist and estimate the costs based on your specific needs. 


Don’t rule out dental implants just because you assume they are expensive. You may find out that they are far more affordable than you think. Dental implants are a huge decision so make sure you do your research before making any decision. 


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